Br. Nathanael Mudd, CPM

I grew up on a farm near Hannibal, Missouri, with my parents and younger sister. I was outside a lot as a young boy, working with horses, doing yard work, and helping my Dad with farm maintenance. Hunting and fishing were outdoor sports my family enjoyed, and thankfully we lived out in the country where we could do it. I was very much surrounded by God’s beautiful creation, and I am very thankful for the years we spent there.

I was homeschooled through Kolbe Academy’s program, from 3rd grade through to my high school graduation. Along with my parents good example and staunch faith, the homeschool program gave me an excellent foundation in my Catholic Faith, as well as a love of learning. I love to read, and the schoolbooks that I studied and the other books that I read broadened my horizons and gave my imagination wide scope for working. Eventually, I wanted to write some stories myself.

God, it seems, did not want me to be a professional writer. In the back of my mind, no matter what occupation or vocation I considered, the idea of the priesthood was always lingering, always nudging at me. I never seriously considered it until I was a junior in high school. It was then that I realized I should really be asking God what he wanted me to do with my life. After about a year and a half of discernment, it was at a Fathers of Mercy parish mission in 2009 that I heard the call clearly. As soon as I graduated from High School, I joined.

The past two years since have been some of the most blessed in my life. The year and a half novitiate gave me a great appreciation for the power of prayer and the sacraments to carry us through whatever trials God gives to test us. Since I professed my First Vows on January 1st, 2012, Our Lord has blessed me with the grace of learning how to truly love as God loves. I will always be growing in this and other points of formation as I progress through seminary to the priesthood. I will always strive to work for the greater glory of God. Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam!

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  1. We met you on a plane trip from Salt Lake City, Utah to St. Lewis, MO. Thanks for sharing your story with us and others. Thanks for your service to God. We have added you to our list of wonderful Catholic friends. We have your card and it reminds us to pray for you.

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