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We thought we’d post the direct links to our new and updated Examination of Conscience for Adults and Teens. Click the links below to download and print the 8 1/2″ x 14″ brochure. We have them in both English and Spanish.

Examination of Conscience for Adults and Teens

Examination of Conscience for Adults and Teens: Spanish

Click here to Order in Bulk:
Spanish  or  English


About Fathers of Mercy

The Fathers of Mercy is a Roman Catholic Congregation of Priests. Our primary Apostolate is to preach parish missions and retreats, with an emphasis on the Sacraments of the Holy Eucharist and Confession. We are interested in solid Catholic men who are interested in a priestly and religious vocation.

5 thoughts on “Examinations of Conscience

  1. I heard on the local Catholic radio station about this pamphlet on examination of conscience. Where can I order some. It was mentioned in the program that they can be printed on our own printer, I don’t one. Could you please help me if this? Thank you

      1. I am unable to find the “free digital download” for the English Examination of Conscience … can you please direct to me to it?

        1. Lynne: Go to the page where you can purchase the Exams, then in the description, click on the red box with the size/format that you are looking to download. It will open it in a new tab as a PDF file. Then you can save it to your computer.

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