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  1. Father Wilton’s homily entitled “Tired of Lies” from late December, which I providentially stumbled upon a day ago, truly inspires those of us who are very strongly led by the Holy Spirit to recognize the diabolically designed LIES about a fake “pandemic”, destroying our lives and our connections with loved ones, and wreaking havoc on our lungs and immune systems with completely unnatural masks for almost an entire year now… all for a virus that 99% of us recover from (with the annual flu actually killing more than this Scam-demic). Please thank this Priest for being BRAVE, speaking Truth, and GENUINELY CARING for God’s Children. I attend a SSPX Traditional Catholic Church in Idaho, (& sometimes the nearby FSSP church) and Fr. Wilton’s homily is fairly similar to what I hear from my own Priests. I hope that somehow all of these wonderful Priests could connect and share more ideas & insights together, and especially implore you to look up the extraordinary Exorcist Father Chad Ripperger in Colorado, and definitely his powerful conferences on how to do spiritual battle against demons for both Clergy ands Laity (free on his own website or YouTube). I pray for your organization Fathers of Mercy to be FOREVER PROTECTED by CHRIST Our King.

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