Sacramental Grace

Fr. Louis Guardiola, C.P.M.

The grace conferred by the valid and fruitful reception of the seven sacraments. It may be one or more of several kinds.

1. Sanctifying grace is communicated in Baptism, Penance and the Anointing of The Sick when needed.

2. Sanctifying Grace is always increased when a sacrament is received in the state of grace.

3. Actual grace is given by all the sacraments, either actually at the time of reception, or also by title as a person actually needs help.

4. the sacramental character is indelibly imprinted on the soul in Baptism, Confirmation and Holy Orders.

5. A distinctive sacramental grace is imparted by each of the seven sacraments, corresponding to their respective purpose in the supernatural life of the soul. See also actual grace, efficacious grace, grace, habitual grace, justifying grace, sanating grace, sanctifying grace. Sufficient grace.

About Fr. Lou Guardiola

Father Louis was born March 23rd, 1953 into a Mexican-American family in Detroit, Michigan. He has been a member of the Blue Army of Our Lady of Fatima since 1967. He attended Loyola University of Chicago, graduating Cum Laude in Scholastic Philosophy and Classical languages in 1976, having studied four years of Latin and five years of Greek. He taught Religious Education for many years in Illinois, Michigan, Kentucky and Connecticut as a layperson, novice, religious brother, Deacon and Priest. He studied under Fr. John Hardon as a Lay Catechist for seven years (1989-96) assisting him in research for his articles, books, and catechisms and in coordinating conferences with bishops and cardinals. Father Louis entered religious life with the Fathers of Mercy in 1996. He studied at Holy Apostles Seminary 1997-2001, graduating with M.A. in Divinity and M.A. in Theology, Magna cum Laude and class valedictorian. He was ordained May 31st, 2001, then assigned as assistant Pastor of Sacred Heart Church and interim Pastor of St. Peter?s church 2001-2. Father now resides at the Fathers of Mercy Generalate in South Union, Kentucky when he is not preaching missions, retreats and 40 hours devotions. Fr. Louis, and other members of the congregation, in conjunction with The Real Presence Association , is available to: Come to your parish as Eucharistic Speakers to promote Perpetual Adoration and Education Come to your parish to conduct a 40 hours devotion Come to your parish to conduct a week-long Eucharistic mission or retreat