Pro-Life News from Australia

Pro-Life news (from an email sent by one of our friends in Melbourne, Australia):

I have been quite busy with [the] March for the Babies, organizing a bus from our Parish and it is so hard to get people to understand the seriousness of our Abortion Laws. However, I managed to encourage forty-two people to take our bus. This year this March turned very ugly. A handful of pro-abortion protesters caused hell on earth and caused havoc from the beginning of the walk and sadly the police did not intervene at all. We could not move anywhere because they threw themselves in front of the police car that we were meant to follow and the police did not have them removed because they were given orders not to act. It was a miracle that no children or adults were seriously hurt because we were assaulted with eggs thrown at us and water bombs. They mingled with our March from the start, snatched our signs, tore them or burnt them, yelled obscene language in our faces, in short, I experienced hell on earth on Saturday, [October 12, 2013].

However, out of all this evil, something beautiful emerged. When we all got home, feeling very downhearted, [my husband] started posting all the photos that he took of the opposition on Facebook and sent them throughout the world, for all to see that we did not have any protection from the police. We were terribly saddened by the way they got hold of Bryan Kemper, who was meant to be one of the speakers. He was knocked to the ground and kicked and his glasses were knocked off of his face. I felt so helpless at their constant violence. It was full on, no break for three and a half hours with no police intervention. Later on in the evening, this beautiful story emerged on Facebook: “Melinda” came to the city to join the opposition for the first time and she was very excited. When she saw how ugly they were, her whole body started to shake uncontrollably, and she had to go on the sidewalk to get herself together. She is pregnant with triplets and she was meant to have an abortion on Monday, 14 October. She bravely went to cancel it. They told her that she cannot cancel it because she had signed all the paperwork and they sent her their counselor to whom she said that she changed her mind .The abortionist got quite angry and she ran for her life and her three girls that she is carrying. Praise God and thank God that out of this evil that we witnessed, this great good came out. Three little babes saved in one womb. What a wonderful story!

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