January 1st is a day when people begin “new year resolutions.” New year resolutions, in a way, reminds me of the season of Lent, a time in which we give up something(s) so that self-denial can train our will to deny sin. Perhaps we can continue the lenten practices as New Year Resolutions. I found a powerful “litany” called “A special Lenten Fast”, which I think can benefit us as we approach the New year:

A special Lenten Fast:

Give up worrying: take up trust in God.
Give up complaining: value what you have.
Give up stress: take up prayer.
Give up judging others: discover Jesus within them.
Give up sorrow and bitterness: fill your heart with joy.
Give up selfishness: take up compassion for others.
Give up being unforgiving: learn reconciliation.
Give up words: fill yourself with silence, and listen to others.

Anonymous, Latin America

Blog written by Fr. Jewel Aytona, CPM