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Br. Michael French, the son of Howard and Judy French; firstborn with two younger sisters, Emily and Allison. My ethnic background is mostly Irish and German. I was baptized as a Catholic from infancy and raised in the Catholic Church, attending public school all my life and CCD after Sunday Mass. My favorite activities are baseball and football, and I was a wide receiver for my high school team. At the start of college, I thought of becoming a priest for the first time. Yet being still weak and uncomfortable in my faith, I decided to go to college. Yet the thoughts never went away, and dating relationships did not work out. I went on to graduate from Ohio State University with a Bachelors of Science in Aerospace Engineering. I obtained a good Engineering job at Siemens, which required me to relocate to Orlando, Florida. Though I was well-off in my career, after a short time I was still unfulfilled and the secular materialistic lifestyle I had begun to live was weighing me down. I had been careless in my Mass attendance and was slipping more into sin. At this time through God’s mercy I received a powerful grace of conversion through several people in my life and Catholic media sources that I had previously never known, most especially EWTN. I made my first confession and began praying the rosary daily at this time, and developed a love for the Bible. Confirmed in my priestly vocation, I gradually also felt called to live religious life. I applied and was accepted to the Fathers of Mercy in spring 2015. I am most grateful for all the love and prayers I continue to receive from my family and friends, and for the merciful love of Jesus through Mary.