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I was raised in the town of Willis, TX; there I grew up with my brother and my four sisters. I was homeschooled all through elementary school, and all four years of High School. During those years, prayer in my family was an important aspect of my development. We tried as a family to pray daily. I truly believe that my vocation was fostered in that time of prayer spent with my family. Praying with my family also helped to develop in me a love of the rosary, and a strong devotion to our Lady.

My high school homeschooling was done through Seton Home Study School. Seton was a hard, but a rewarding undertaking that taught me a lot about self-discipline, and helped me to develop a strong work ethic.

After I graduated from High School, I developed a great love and devotion to our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament and found great strength and consolation from Him. I decided to focus my attention on the discernment of a priestly vocation. I went to the visit the Franciscans in Hanceville, Alabama, where I met Fr. Wade Menezes with the Fathers of Mercy.

I am now a permanently professed religious brother of the Fathers of Mercy. My time with this religious community has been a rewarding and grace-filled experience. God has given me many great gifts. Simple things, like a strong faith, and a close family for me to develop. I know that God is leading me in the direction of the Priesthood and religious life.

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