Fr. Joseph Morgan, CPM

About Fr. Joseph Morgan, CPM

I was born and raised in a small town named Fallbrook, in the northern county of San Diego, California. I am the youngest of six kids having four sisters and one brother. Growing up, I was blessed to have a very devout Catholic family that put the service of God first in their lives. My mother was raised Catholic, while my father converted from being an atheist shortly after my parents were married. Desiring to provide a good Catholic education for their children, my parents decided that it would be best to homeschool their children. This allowed me and my siblings to receive a very strong Catholic education that played a vital role in our lives.

My desire to become a priest began when I was very young. I was around the age of four when I asked my mother what a priest was. She told me that a priest was a, “Soldier for Christ.” Ever since I could remember, I always wanted to be a soldier and above all else I desired to serve God. For me, this made becoming a priest the ideal way of life and at that moment I decide to become one.

As time went on, my determination to become a priest never changed. The more I learned about the priesthood and what a priest was, the more I was convinced that it was God’s Will for me and the greater my desire became. I was resolved to leave home and become a priest as soon as I possibly could.  Two weeks after I graduated high school, I left California and went to Kentucky to join the Fathers of Mercy.

It is at the Fathers of Mercy where, by the grace of God, I underwent a year novitiate. On August 14, 2014 I made my first profession of temporary vows before the Very Reverend David Wilton and three years later made my perpetual profession. Immediately after my first vows, I was sent to study at the Athanaeum of Ohio, which is the Archdiocesan Seminary of Cincinnati, where I spent eight years of my life studying to become a priest. On June 12th, 2021 I was ordained to the order of the Deaconate and thanks be to God, on June 4th 2022 I was ordained a priest of God, sent to labor in the vineyard of souls.