The Wonders of His Mercy


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Fr. Wade Menezes delivers thirteen powerful meditations focused on God’s role as our Loving Father and The Wonders of His Mercy! Every 2-minute reflection is a daily reminder of the abundance of hope that God offers through His Church, the Sacraments, and Sacred Scripture. 1 disc / 30 minutes.

Meditation Titles as Seen on EWTN:

• The Church’s Right and Duty to Call Upon the Mercy of God
• Mercy Is Who God Is
• Actions That Aid Us in Being Merciful to Others
• The Fourteen Works of Mercy
• Mercy Requires Acknowledging Sin
• Holy Mother Church as a Field Hospital
• Confession and the Gift of God’s Mercy
• Mercy Calls Us To Be Other-Centered
• God’s Mercy and the End Times
• The Mercy of a Very Personal God
• God Offers Mercy Before Justice
• Benefits of a Frequent Confession
• Promoting God’s Greatest Attribute


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