No Greater Love: The Eucharist as Heaven On Earth


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Promotion Homily – Heaven On Earth
In this homily, Fr. Ricardo speaks of the importance of devotion to Jesus Christ present in the Eucharist to help us reach eternal joy of Heaven.

Talk 1 – Unless You Eat the Flesh
In this talk, Fr. Ricardo uses Scripture, writings of the Church Fathers, and Eucharistic Miracles to strengthen faith in the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist and emphasizes the importance of receiving Holy Communion worthily.

Talk 2 – The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass
In this talk, Fr. Ricardo answers the question Why do we have to go to Mass? and offers tips for praying Mass well.

Talk 3 – Returning Love for Love
In this talk, Fr. Ricardo reflects on the divine love of Jesus Christ made manifest in the Eucharist and offers ways to love Him in return.

Talk 4 – Life Changing Power of Adoration
In this talk, Fr. Ricardo reveals why prayer before the Eucharist is some of the most powerful prayer there is and considers several ways that Eucharistic Adoration will change our lives for the better.

Talk 5 – No Priest, No Eucharist
In this talk, Fr. Ricardo reflects on the importance of the existence of priests for our sacramental life and offers ways for the faithful to encourage vocations to the priesthood and religious life.

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