Book – Why Be Catholic?


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The 94 page book “Why Be Catholic?” is adapted from the preached Parish Mission given by Fr. Ken Geraci.  This book will address the subjects of:

  • What did Jesus Do?
  • Why do we do that as Catholics?
  • Two obstacles to healing
  • How to pray the Mass

“As a kid, I was forced to go to Church every Sunday. In my senior year of high school I gave up faith and religion altogether and embraced being agnostic. I sought the American dream by co-founding a $4.5mil software company and pursued money, fitness, and success, but none of that ever satisfied or gave me peace. One day my business partner, a devout Catholic, asked me how I reconciled my behaviors and beliefs? Through historical research, intellectual honesty and this thing called “prayer,” I moved from being agnostic, to “spiritual,” to non-denominational Christian, then, ultimately home to the Catholic Church. This book “Why Be Catholic?? is not exactly my journey, but it is the Journey of the Church. This book will help you make sense of the logical and historical realities that reveal how and why the Catholic Church is who She says She is. This book will address the questions What Did Jesus Do – give us a Church or Bible; and how can you know?


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